Local Events

Discover What Eckankar Offers in your Community

A variety of events and classes are sponsored by Eckankar in Idaho with study groups throughout the state. Descriptions of these events and classes can be found below.

Introductory Events – Spiritual Discussions and Workshops
Introductory events are an opportunity to explore your own spiritual experiences and learn more about the teachings of Eckankar. See Calendar of Events for availability.

Sound of Soul Events
You are warmly invited to a Sound of Soul event. Join us to experience a 15-20 minute HU Chant followed by a dynamic, friendly spiritual conversation.

HU is an ancient name for God that has been sung for thousands of years in many lands for spiritual unfoldment. HU can uplift people of any age, religion, culture or walk of life. Chanting HU can bring:

  • Comfort, peace, and calm
  • Expanded awareness
  • A release of fears
  • Answers to your questions
  • A subtle sense of divine love

ECK Light and Sound Services
You are warmly invited to attend an ECK Light and Sound Service. Each service focuses on an aspect of Eckankar. They feature a reading from the ECK works, singing HU, talks, and often include music and a group discussion of spiritual principles at work in daily life. See Calendar of Events for availability.

Book Discussions
An ECK book discussion is a fun way to share insights and experiences, and learn more about Eckankar. Book discussions also serve as a great introduction to the benefits of classes for members. See Calendar of Events for availability.

Eckankar seminars are open to the public and offer spiritual students of all backgrounds a rich program featuring workshops, round table discussions, inspirational talks, creative arts, programs for youth and families, and much more. View Eckankar Seminars

Hear Talks from the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar on Social Media
Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar, speaks Soul-to-Soul. His stories of everyday experiences and simple, practical techniques will guide you to a deeper relationship with God. View Videos

Links to Meetup Groups in Idaho